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SharePoint 2010 lets you install language packs to create sites with different locales. However, there is no concept of a "master locale" for a web application. This project copies the locale from the root of the current web application to all new site collections and subsites.


Works with SharePoint 2010 Foundation, Standard and Enterprise.


The SharePoint 2010 Locale Auto Stapler Helper comes with two stapler features – one at the farm level and one at the web application level. You can choose either of these – you need to choose one or the other.

Farm Level

Activated through Manage Farm Features, this applies the staple to any new site collections/site created anywhere in the farm from hereon.

Manage Farm Features

Web Application Level

Activated through Manage Web Applications –> Manage Features, this apples the staple to any new site collections/sites created within the specified web application from hereon.

Web Application Features


Having created a new site collection / site you can see its regional settings should match those of the root web at the root site collection of the web application.

Regional Settings of a new Site

Note: the feature staple will not apply to existing sites or site collections. You may choose to activate this yourself for existing sites:

Web (SharePoint Site) Level Feature for Setting the Locale

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